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Abuse Does Not Define You with Sewa Fields #66

Wow, you don't want to miss this one. Sewa Fields and I met a few months back. And to hear her talk for just 5 minutes, I knew I had to hear more. Sewa has authored the best-selling devotional: Overcomer: Defeating Anxiety and Abuse and Letters to the Broken. Her heart and passion to share her story help us build awareness and motivation toward greater change. I am always honored to hear others' stories, like Sewa's, and hear about the bravery beyond what I could ever comprehend. Even in trauma, her story is an inspiration and she reminds us of the hope of who we are in Christ.

This is why I believe in our own Parables. When we hear others' stories we are better able to understand, be the Church, and love those who are in desperate need of help. I want to be a person people can turn to, I want to be someone who really listens, who believes victims, and who never second guesses their story. I want to encourage you all that your voice matters, you matter.

The information she provides is impactful and makes you really think things over. If you know of someone who is walking through domestic abuse or has experienced it first hand this episode is incredibly helpful in navigating through it all. Grateful for Sewa and the work she continues to do in the area of Domestic Abuse.

Reflection Questions

  1. It is an easy one. Call a friend and get together, be the life and truth in each other's lives.

  2. What has caused you hurt in your life? What is that healing process looked like for you? Go back and discover what God has done for you.

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