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Can I Embody God in My Story? with Bette Dickinson

My conversation with Bette Dickinson was such a breath of fresh air. Bette is a prophetic artist, writer, and speaker who invites you to connect with God through visual parables. Through her work, Bette helps her audience connect the inner life of spiritual formation with the outer life of mission. Her new devotional book, Making Room in Advent just launched, and not only did Bette write this book but also illustrated it as well.

Bette shares what it is like to awaken our soul to the beauty and wonder of God all around you. While she was working and creating Making Room in Advent, she was truly able to journey alongside Mary. You don't want to miss how this all connects in our conversation. God's timing is amazing! One of her takeaways was, that Mary was under-qualified by the world's standards to be Jesus' mom. And the truth is we can feel like that a lot of times.

"Just like Mary, I am human. And that is what qualifies me to be used by God." - Bette Dickinson

Bette gives us the encouragement to embody God in our own story. Because when we receive the grace of God, He wants to partner with us just as we are. I hope you enjoy our conversation and that you can see the beauty and wonder in your own story.

Reflection Questions

  1. I encourage you to incorporate breath prayer into your week to help you slow down and connect with God.

  2. Have you felt under qualified? If so, talk to God about why and how he can help you change your perspective.

Connect with Bette

Instagram | @Bette_Dickinson

Curious about Bette's new book? Pick-up a free chapter of the book, just text "Advent" to 33777

Making Room in Advent

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