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Confidence and Loneliness in Faith with Jacob Betancourt | TPP #17

It is such an encouragement to hear my next guest say, "I want to be used by Him more than anything." Jacob Betancourt is a Sophomore at Colorado Christian University and shares how he has wrestled with a lack of confidence and loneliness especially in his own faith life. In High School Jacob shares how he struggled, but came out on the other side. This past summer He was able to pour into the lives of young students.

"I couldn't see how the Lord could use me any more." - Jacob Betancourt

I think we all have those questions and moments in our lives where we want to live for God, but wonder if our past is holding us back. Can't wait for you all to meet this amazing, authentic guy, Jacob Betancourt.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the promises you saw for yourself in Isaiah 43:1-3?

  2. In what ways do you struggle with self-confidence or loneliness? How can you draw close to God when it is really hard during those times?

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