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Do You Know Your Master with Erica Schwartz

***Trigger Warning - Erica shares about her suicide attempt briefly (24:31 - 27:20), if that is triggering for you please fast forward.

Do you know your master truly? I am so excited to introduce you to Erica Schwartz who shares vulnerably how post-partum depression and childhood trauma brought her to a place she never imagined. Erica challenges us on who our master is. Because when her depression hit, she realized how little she knew her master and had nothing to fall on. She shares that one way depression can take hold of you is because Satan studying is you. By drawing closer to who God is, we can see who we are in God.

When your inner voice is more powerful than God's word, your going to destroy yourself every time. - Erica Schwartz

Erica now has the opportunity to reflect on the people God placed in her life to help her grow and heal. She knows God sees our pain and helps us understand how much he loves, so much so, that our names are imprinted on his hands. He is not shaken by you and nothing will ever separate you from your Master.

Reflection Questions

  1. What is one way you can get away from that negative inner voice, so you can focus on the voice of your Master?

  2. Has there been moments in your life where God said no, you were sad, you were upset, you were confused? And with that perspective, can you now see how He used to prosper you to give you a hope and a future.

Connect with Erica Light Held Love Photography Matthew 25:14–30 | Parable of the Talents

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