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Finding Community through Others with Grace Liu | TPP #27

Grace brought up the face that community can be hard. It is no surprise we all are human and imperfect.

Do you have community, a tribe, your people in your life? These last two years have been a challenge for many because we have had to be isolated. Whatever your personality, we need each other and togetherness allows us to grow and understand God better.

Grace brought up the fact that community can be hard. It is no surprise we all are human and imperfect.

"There will be times where we rub each other the wrong way. But, if the foundation is the gospel, we all have the same thing to come back to...I don't think we should give up on each other just because we have a disagreement."

Grace also challenged me to think about being in solitude. It is possible that a season of solitude is for a purpose. The quiet allows us a chance to draw closer to him in order to prepare for whatever is coming next in our life.

I hope you can find something from this conversation to take away as well. E-mail me or find me on socials and let me know what you think.

Reflection Questions: 1. Have you been afraid of dipping your toe back into community? If so, what things from your life can you surrender?

2. Are you leading a life of authenticity? Does that flow into your friendships, with family and with God?

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