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Letting Go of Your Child with Jennifer Tyson| TPP #19

I was bad at life, but Jesus was better at it than I will ever be. - Jennifer Tyson

If you like a good laugh, enjoy witty humor and want honest conversation then meet my dear friend Jennifer Tyson. She has been such a lovely friend and I am hopeful her parable will be encouraging to you. Jennifer shares how she had to surrender the relationship with her oldest son over to God. The process was challenging but allowed her to experience God's close presence in her life.

Reflection Questions:

1. Have you asked yourself if you have laid it all down at Jesus' feet? If so, why are you just going to pick it back up again tomorrow?

2. What would it look like to continually surrender your family, your health, work, etc... in your life?

3. Is it time to accept closure may never happen?

Connect with Jennifer

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