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Looking Back Before We Go Forward with Danielle Zapchenk #71

YOU made it into a new year and came out on the other side of 2022! Congrats, you did it! Today's episode is a little different. If you have listened to one or more episodes of The Parable Podcast, you know that I love a time of reflection. This is your moment to slow down and look back before you go forward into 2023.

For your time of reflection, know there is no right or wrong way to do this. One helpful thing for me is to have instrumental music playing in the background or silence. Feel free to listen along to this episode and pause as necessary or get started as the episode ends. Turn off your phone and be free of distractions for a little bit.

My Prayer for you as you step into reflection: Holy spirit, remind us of moments this past year, let it flood into our minds and hearts. Thank you God for where you were in 2022, soften our hearts to be humble before you, Lord. We are sorry for the ways we try to control, neglect you, push you out of our lives repeatedly. Help us to hold onto your promises and have confident hope only found in you Jesus. Amen

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