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Moving Past Divorce with Eric Zapchenk | TPP#25

Get ready to hear my husband Eric's story today. It is a hard one, but it is so important to know that out of pain and desperation, God chose to use it for good. Eric and I have been married for almost 15 years and we met at a radio station. We became friends quickly through Friday lunches with other staff, working together and going to a dance class together. I had a certain list of expectations in my life, requirements of what I believed my future husband had to check off. God taught me to hold my expectations lightly and view the world with more Grace. I was putting expectations and limitations on God and He knew what I needed far better. So, here we are 15 years later still building a life, raising two kids and trying our best to live out the life God has called us to.

Again, I don't believe marriage is a requirement of God. Yet, another thing I learned by hearing others' parable stories. However, I do know that relationships are special and if you choose to marry allow God to be the head of that relationship all times. Despite the pain and tragedy we may face, just like Eric, there is hope and so much more on the other side He will use for good.

Reflection Questions: 1. What are those expectations that you have for yourself or for others in your life? How can you continue to add grace and break down those expectations?

2. Is it time for you to learn from the past and close that door? How are you missing being present in what God has for you right now, because you still have one foot in it?

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