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One Decision Changes Everything with Nick Roepke #77

Have you ever heard someone's story and it just stops you in your tracks? When I first heard Nick's parable story it made me realize that one decision can truly change the entirety of your life. However, that one decision can have both negative and positive effects as you continue to move on in your life. One person's story can help you better understand what you take for granted and how you can continue to overcome it.

If you get to breathe fresh air, you will do everything in your power, everything in God's power to help as many people as possible never have to go through this again. - Nick Roepke

There was one decision that changed the trajectory of Nick's life in one moment. Nick shares what it was like to live through it, what he learned about himself, and how he is making efforts to change not only his life but others for the better. Grateful to be able to hear about how God is still working in his life even when the unknown still hangs in the balance.

Reflection Questions

1. Is there a physical or an emotional prison and how can you release that over to God?

2. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in that bond court like Nick, shackled, desperate, wondering if there is any hope? And as you look up, you see your Heavenly Father standing there in that court room locking eyes with you, mouthing, "I love you. I have this." How does that picture of that moment make you feel as a child of God?

If you would like to connect with Nick, please e-mail Danielle.

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