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Restoration of the Heart with Scott Dubois | TPP #43

Scott Dubois joins me this week on The Parable Podcast and it was a pleasure getting to know him more. His presence and character came across right away after we got to talking. He has a love for community and the family in his life.

One of the way He loves us is through the people around us, it is one of the ways He shapes us. - Scott Dubois

As a child, his father abandoned him and his mom and it caused some deep wounds as he grew up and into his adulthood. Without dealing with those wounds, pain is always going to be under the surface. For Scott, it lead to self-medicating those hard feelings with food. Recently Scott had a fall which through a series of events started at a Chiropractor and ended up in the CATH lab with four stints.

Now that Scott has a new perspective on his life he encourages us all to continue to do the internal heart work of our souls so that we can be available and expectant of what God is wanting to do in our life.

Reflection Questions

  1. What are the comparison traps that you fall into these days and that you need to be more mindful of?

  2. Take a moment to have an honest heart check where you are in your relationship with God and your level of vulnerability with yourself.

Connect with Scott


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