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Resurrecting the Young Places with Michael Thompson #106

Have you ever had an experience that brought you back to the joy and innocence of being a kid? This is the first installment of a few collaboration episodes with Zoweh, which is a nonprofit mission that encourages men, women, and marriages by creating tools, resources, and community spaces that invite people to experience inner healing and intimate connection with God and with others. Today we are going to have a conversation with co-founder Michael Thompson who shares how an experience at Fenway Park shaped this parable story about our innocence.

I think we long for happily ever after, because that will be the time when that won't be our story anymore. - Michael Thompson

Michael is a kingdom guide for the hearts of men, women, and marriages. The author of Search & Rescue, The Heart of a Warrior, and other books, Michael is co-founder with his wife, Robin, of Zoweh in Durham, North Carolina. Michael and Robin live, work and play to see hearts set free through experiencing the transforming love of God. Married since 1990, they have three grown daughters, Ashley, Hannah, and Abbey, and one “son-in-love,” Anders, married to Ashley. Thanks to Zoweh for their work and what they are doing to create for others and look forward to hearing from more of their team next month. Remember Your parable showcases how God is loving and leading us well.

Conversation Topics

  • Life as a Christian is more than keeping it all together

  • How Zoweh began and walking in hope

  • Bringing Back the naivety of our youth

  • How has his faith changed

  • Why masculinity can be triggering

  • Prayer for the readers of King Me: Loving and Leading Well

Reflection Questions

1. What is one way this week you can be naive and conscious of your innocence so you are able to experience the beauty of God this week in a new way? Maybe this is an activity or a mindset shift.

2. Life as a Christian is more than just trying to keep it all together and not sin. I think a lot of us fall into this category at sometimes of our life, using our sin as a checklist. If we are supposed to live a life fully in Christ. Take some time to journal to about how you can live more abundantly in Christ.

Connect with Michael

Zoweh's Website

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