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A 2% Chance at Life with Amy McFadden | TPP #22

Amy McFadden had a heart attack and didn't even know she had one. She

found herself at the hospital preparing to be airlifted for emergency care. Throughout this whole season of her life, she went through multiple procedures, many prayers and had no chance of getting a transplant. One of the final options had only a two percent chance of working. Listen to Amy's miracle story and the journey God took her and her family through.

Reflection Questions: 1. In what ways do you need to relearn in your relationship with God? Coming to Him in prayer, having gratitude in your life, reading His Word, etc... 2. Is there an area of your life that loneliness or desperation that has set in? If so, what are those questions and worries that you need to share with God?

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I mention Psalm 42:18 - well that doesn't exist. Palm to face, LOL! What I meant to say is Psalm 42:8

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