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Whether in speaking to a large auditorium or a small group of friends, sharing stories is Danielle's passion.  She has a comfortable and personable approach that connects as she shares the truth from the Bible with heart and humor.

If you are in need for a speaker or host please contact Danielle.
5-15 | As for Me and My Family & 10:30am Dedication
2-13 | The Promise
08-15-21: The Sign Of Relationship Building
07-11-21: The Sign Of Love
06-27-21 Judah and Tamar
08-25-2019 Never Saw It Coming...When We Fail
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Message Topics

  • Being a friend when Hardship Happens

  • The Sign of Rest

  • Forgiveness in Full

  • Recovering from Resentment

  • When We Fail

  • Second chances

  • Encouragement to those in our lives and ourselves

  • Parable of the Leaven Bread

  • We are worthy (dealing with inadequacy)

  • Pursued by God

      And more!

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