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A Return to Faith with Tika McCoy | TPP#46

Meet Tika, the founder of the Wisdom of Naomi. Her heart is to share the beauty of Jesus with those she meets because of the work He has done in her own life. I think each one of us can go back and have a few moments when we ask ourselves, "Why did we let that happen?" Yet, out of those experiences is how we learn and continue to build our own steadfast faith.

After experiencing so much personal tragedy and loss, Tika's faith struggled. Even though she wasn't ready to communicate with God, He was always by her side. Her return to faith didn't go without void.

One of the most memorable points of our conversation for me is Tika's understanding that He is still working in her heart and that all of us are being molded and refined by our Father. What a gentle reminder that our faith journey is a process. Please enjoy the encouragement Tika brings to our parable discussion.

Reflection Questions

  1. How do you personally relate to Tika's return to faith moment?

  2. Life is challenging, how can you hold tight to God and His in unending support for you?

Connect with Tika


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