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A Spark of Hope with Megan Musharbash #135

Do you feel like you have lost that spark of hope? Joining me is Arizona Baton Pass Event Speaker and author Megan Musharbash. Megan discusses with us how she was searching for a spark of hope in the wilderness season. As always I am thrilled to partner with one of my favorite organizations The Baton Pass, which empowers women to overcome. Over the next few months, you will get to hear so many beautiful stories and we hope you join us at one of their multiple events featuring speakers sharing their experiences of holding on to hope when it would have been perfectly understandable to let go. It takes incredible courage and feels dangerous, or even audacious, to believe that healing and restoration would be possible on the other side of devastation and heartache.  If you can relate to that place and these stories on the podcast leave you hungry for more, you can hear these speakers and more in person at one of The Baton Pass events happening this April. Be sure to grab your early bird tickets, as these events usually sell out!


In our conversation today, Megan shares her journey of healing and restoration. She reflects on the highlights of attending a Baton Pass event and the power of vulnerability. She then shares her personal story of facing health challenges, including a battle with breast implant illness. Through prayer and a miraculous turn of events, Megan underwent surgery with the hope of healing. She recounts her experiences after the surgery and her overall well-being. Megan also discusses her trust in God during the difficult times and encourages others to pour out their hearts to Him. Currently, Megan understands the importance of obedience and how it leads to a deeper relationship with God. 


  • Vulnerability and sharing personal stories can bring healing and hope to both the storyteller and the audience.

  • Attending events like the Baton Pass can create a safe space for women to share their stories and find healing.

  • Trusting in God and pouring out our hearts to Him can bring comfort and peace in difficult times.

  • Obedience to God's guidance can lead to transformation and blessings.

  • Surrendering to Jesus and developing a relationship with Him can bring hope and healing.

Reflection Questions

  1. If you feel like you are currently in a wilderness season, continue to pray with an open heart and eyes to see his sparks of hope. Or reflect back on which ways He did show up.

  2. What areas do you feel God is calling you to have obedience in?

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