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Absent from God with Lindsey Jodts #96

Have you ever had a season where you feel completely absent from God in your life? I know I have and it is hard to walk through that. Meet my guest Lindsey Jodts, Groups Life Pastor at Willow Creek South Barrington Campus. She is a writer, sometimes-academic, teacher, strategic consultant, yogi, and self-proclaimed nerd. As an Enneagram 4, she has a special love for contemplative spiritual practices and enjoys writing poetry and personalized liturgy. Lindsey shares what it looks like to discover her own expression of faith in this episode. Just a note for the listener, Lindsey briefly mentions self-harm, so if that is triggering or if you have little ears around (timestamp 15:47 - 16:33).

Conversation Points

  • The Glorious Parts of us that God give us

  • Different Expressions and Practices of our faith

  • Coming alive in our passions and giftings

  • Ectopic Pregnancy Loss

  • Encouragement to Working Moms

  • Building Camaraderie with one another over competition

  • Female Pastors in the Church

  • High functioning Depression

  • Creativity in our faith

Grateful for the way Lindsey shared her story and shared some of the moments who have made her into the woman she is today. Remember your parable showcases how he has provided you with glorious attributes

Reflection Questions 1. What is glorious about you?

2. What is stirring in you that could come out in a creative way to draw closer to God? Think outside of the box.

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