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Am I an Imposter? with Jenni Wong Clayville | #72

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Have you ever felt like you are not capable in the role you God has called you to? She candidly talks about a time in her life she was going to take a secret to the grave. Jenni Wong Clayville was born and raised in Seattle, WA. but she and her family now live in the Washington D.C area. She is wife to Brian and boy-mom to Chance & Paxton. Jenni currently serves at National Community Church as the Weekend Experience Pastor and is part of the teaching team at the Northern Virginia location. Jenni also serves on the leadership team of Leading and Loving It for over ten years and recently on the Propel Ecclesia Team to support women in ministry internationally. Jenni is a life-long learner, an unpretentious foodie, a more pretentious coffee lover, and a self-proclaimed comedienne.

I appreciate Jenni walking us through her childhood, growing up as a Chinese-American, as a pastor and what her parable story holds. Don't miss this episode and how God is a trusted source of integrity.

With integrity, you either have it or you don't. It is not like a sliding scale. So once you lose it, you have to work hard to build it back up again. But when you have built it back, you better work really hard to not messing it up again. - Jenni Wong Clayville

Reflection Questions:

  1. How can you assess your life and do you need to set up some gaurdrails? What are the things that bring up negativity, lead you a place of sin or repeated hardship? Examine those areas and set up some boundaries to protect yourself.

  2. Have you dealt with the Messy?

a. Sometimes we don't want to deal with our own mess. Step into today, what is it?

b. Choosing to walk into that space with others, asking the questions and walking it with them.

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