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An Invitation To The Table with Dana Andrechyn #115

Do you remember a time where you sat around the table and left feeling God was in that moment? This is the third of our collaboration episodes Zoweh a nonprofit mission that encourages men, women, and marriages by creating tools, resources, and community spaces that invite people to experience inner healing and intimate connection with God and with others. Today we are going to have a conversation with Zoweh speaking team member and poet at heart Dana Andrechyn.

Dana has been married for 35 years and counting to Jeff, and can be found most often these days on "The Adventure" in their Air stream with their dog Oscar, visiting family and friends and exploring the vast beauty found throughout the United States.

In recent years, writing poetry and musings have become a meaningful way to express the deep places of her heart on paper and to cultivate creativity. She also loves to set a table both literally and figuratively, as a way to offer beauty, welcome, nourishment, and restoration to those who hunger and thirst with the hope that during feasting, we would meet Jesus in our midst.

Dana discusses how God in a season of exile she felt seen around the table. I hope you feel like you can grab a chair and join Dana and I around the table. She is one of those people you feel immediately connected to and grateful for her voice in this episode.

Reflection Questions 1. What is the table look like or how can you set or prepare the table for you and God daily?

2. Dana shared about distilling words or thoughts down. What are some words or ideas from this episode that you can take with you this week and journal about?

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