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An Unencumbered Reaction with Danielle Zapchenk #128

What is your reaction time lately? Today I am celebrating my 41st b-day and grateful to spend it with you.  A goal of mine is to share more about myself this year and hear a bit more of my own parable stories.  Don’t worry we have a fantastic guest up next week, but grab a cup of coffee with me, and let's discuss the importance of reaction time and being in an unencumbered life. Danielle shares a personal story about learning to control her reactions and the impact it had on her relationships. She also explores the concept of living freely and lightly and encourages listeners to take time to evaluate their own reaction time and find ways to be unencumbered.


  • Take the time to evaluate your reaction time in different areas of your life.

  • Be mindful of how your reactions impact others and strive to respond with grace and kindness.

  • Find moments and activities that make you feel unencumbered and incorporate them into your life.

  • Remember that God wants us to live freely and lightly, and offers us grace and love in every situation.

Reflection Questions

1. Evaluate what your reaction time has been like lately.

2. What is something that gives you the feeling of being unencumbered and how can you implement that into your life this week.

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