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An Unexpected Journey with Andy Davis | TTP#45

Meet Andy Davis, worship leader with Forest City Worship. From a young age, worship was a part of Andy's life and built a strong foundation for her faith. Just a few years ago, her husband Leonard and Andy were excited to welcome their first child. While their experience was nothing short of miraculous, the journey was full of ups and downs. It was then that Andy had truly activated her faith and leaned into the words she has been singing about for so long.

Andy also shares how she ended up at Forest City Worship after leaving her day job as a teacher. God was with her step by step and now she is able to help others connect to God authentically.

Reflection Questions

  1. In what ways can you have some tools in your back pocket for when situations arise in your life and you have to activate your faith like never before?

  2. What is one way that you can authentically worship this week?

Connect with Andy

Praise Party in The Park

What: The Worship Party of The Summer featuring Blanca & Forest City Worship Blanca is a Puerto Rican-born American musician. Her most recent single, “The Healing” with Dante Bowe, has topped the charts. Blanca was also nominated as Female Artist of the Year for the 2022 K-Love Fan Awards. Blanca’s first single as a solo artist, "Who I Am", charted No. 1 on Billboard Chart Christian Airplay. When: Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 - concert starts at 7:00 pm. Where: Hideaway Brew Garden in Hoffman Estates, IL

100% of the ticket sales are going to The Baton Pass, a women's ministry that empowers the voices of overcomers & ultimately connects “overcomers” with those that are hurting and in need of hope.


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