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Are Emotions Spiritual? with Alex Gowler #84

Have you ever wondered how your faith gets formed? Do your emotions even matter when you are trying to grow closer to Jesus? Today you will meet Alex Gowler who had a breakup with his own emotions early on in his life. We have a full conversation with Alex to hear if that really worked out for him in the end.

I made the decision that emotions were way too unpredictable to possibly be beneficial in my relationship with Jesus. And the best thing to do was to live on emotional do not disturb. - Alex Gowler

Our Conversation Points:

  • What does Sabbath mean and look like in our lives?

  • Does everyone need to go through Spiritual Formation?

  • Alex shares a few ways on how we can build into the mindset of Spiritual Formation

  • Why Emotions, can they really help us daily?

Alex really does help make sense of the things that matter most. He believes no one should miss out on hope because it was too difficult to understand. Whether through speaking, writing, or content development, Alex's goal is the same: to make the life-changing message of Jesus available to everyone. Alex earned his MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School ('15) and currently serves as Spiritual Formation Pastor at The Hope Collective in Lake Zurich, IL. He and his wife, Renee, live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and have three children. Don't skip out on your emotions and the goodness of God saturating every part of your life. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Alex Gowler.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How can you flip the switch back on for your emotions? How is that block causing you to not connect with God, family, or friends?

  2. How has the Holy Spirit been working in you to make you more like Jesus every day?

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