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Did What I Gave My Life to Matter with Jackie Frazier Roese

Rev. Dr. Jackie Frazier Roese grew up working on her family farm in upstate New York. She focused that work ethic in pursuing her Masters and Doctorate degrees while raising three children. She has taught the scriptures and trained other women to do the same for more than 25 years.

She served as the Teaching Pastor to Women in a large church in Texas. While there she envisioned, wrote, and oversaw the development of over 15 bible studies studied by women around the world. In 2008 she became the first female to preach at her church and became a part of the Sunday morning preaching team. In 2012, Jackie founded The Marcella Project, an organization committed to reshaping the view of women. The Marcella Project’s goal is to ennoble women (lift up to dignity as Jesus intended) through Scripture-focused teaching, training, and dialogue.

Today I sat down with Jackie as her parable story wrestles with the thought, "Did what I give my life to really matter?" Many of us can wonder that no matter what season of life we are in. Is there worth in what I am doing day to day, does God notice? Jackie shares her story alongside the parable of the sower, showcasing the truth that God revealed to her in her own story. She is a mother to three, and she honestly talks about what that looked like for her.

The fear of I'm a complete failure. And I have not done well if I have led other people close to faith and not my own. - Rev. Dr. Jackie Frazier Roese

Plus, what do invisible gender barriers look like in our life. How can we as brothers and sisters acknowledge and encourage each other as we work together. You will love Jackie's humor, thought provoking questions and approach to this conversation today.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How does what you give to your life matter?

  2. Are there any invisible gender lines (internal or external) in your own life that you can acknowledge and grow from?

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