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Discovering Blindspots with Brian Nelson #109

Have you ever been coming home from an amazing day and a train delay just ruined it all? Joining me today is the Executive Pastor of the Bridge, Brian Nelson. He’ll discuss how challenging it was to listen and be humble. Brian loves seeing people meet Christ and grow in their relationship with Him. When he looks out and sees families at The Bridge, who two years ago wouldn't set foot in a church, and now they're worshipping God and their lives are drastically different, that's why he does his job.

Brian grew up in the NW suburbs of Chicago and attended this church as a kid. In his 20's, he lived in Nashville, TN playing music and serving food. In 2007, he became a youth/worship pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Jupiter, Florida. In 2010, he joined the staff of The Bridge. I've served as Adult Pastor and Worship Pastor, and now as Executive Pastor. He now lives in Des Plaines with his wife Michele, and their two boys, Caden and Chase.

God's the great chess master. When he moves a pawn somewhere, He will just move another somewhere else. - Brian Nelson

Conversation Topics

  • A Faith that doesn't budge

  • Complaining

  • Discovering Blindspots

  • Humility of listening

  • Trusting God

  • How to remove the whine

Reflection Questions

  1. Maybe we need to remove the whine. How can you bless God this week, even though you may be in a season of unrest. How can you honor God instead of whining.

  2. Who is a person that God is asking you to truly listen to today?

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