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Does God Care about Design with Ann Ueno | TPP #31

Miami-based Interior Designer, Ann Ueno was completely self-taught and early on felt a calling to home design. After spending nights and weekends doing this on the side for friends and family, Ann left the corporate. By stepping into her own interior design business, Ann's faith was built brick by brick and realized that God cares about her heart and business.

If anyone thinks that God doesn't care about design. He has been caring about the details and the design of my business and of the people that work for me and of the clients we get to pray over [the whole time].

God is the ultimate designer of our life. As her personal life imploded less than 2 years ago, God continued to build her faith and her business. The pain allowed her to draw near to Him and hear what He desires for her. Even in the suffering, Ann has chosen not to be afraid of the pain anymore. Hardship has given her purpose in her life.

There is such great wisdom and hope in her parable story and I hope you enjoy this conversation with the lovely, Ann Ueno.

Reflection Questions: 1. Does your home reflect your authentic self?

2. Let's look for places we can take the next step this week and offer whatever that is up to God


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