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Does My Voice Matter with Danielle Kelly #82

Have you ever thought your voice doesn't matter? We may not say it out loud, but on the inside, we all wrestle with that thought. It was a joy to talk with Danielle Kelly on this episode. Danielle is a Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, and Life Coach who shares how she discovered that her voice does matter. She wondered how her own natural abilities, the things we casually take for granted are God-given gifts we shouldn't hold back. It is easy for questioning, fear, and worry to fill your head and heart in moments when you are by yourself and wonder, "Do I have a voice?" For Danielle, it was a choice not to dim her light anymore and be who God created her to be fully.

In the telling [of our story] it is a part of the healing. - Danielle Kelly

Danielle also shares about how the abandonment she felt from her father at a young age, disconnected her from God at times. Through a lot of prayer and processing, she has created the Unashamed & Free Podcast. Her desire is for women to live freely. If you question your voice or ever thought shame held you back, then take a listen to Danielle's parable today.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How are you learning how to use your voice to yourself, others, and to God?

  2. How have you been hiding your gifts lately? Connect with Danielle Kelly Instagram | FaceBook | E-mail

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