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Dreaming alongside God with Dominique Bradberry | TPP#38

Dominique Bradberry believes that you can walk alongside God and dream with Him.

Her parable story showcases the dreams that God put in her heart. Her story is so engaging, full of joy and reminds us that God desires for all of us to live a grace-based life. We get so hard on the things we have to do, the image we need to hold up, or what isn't working for us. But, Dominique shares how we get to step into God's grace daily and find the freedom God so willingly provides us.

Within one year she was quickly thrown into marriage and being a new mom. That new life caused Dominique to quickly realize that she needed some type of plan to help her navigate her day. Balancing it all was challenging, but using her self-taught graphic design skills she created a printable planner to finally gain control of her life and day. That was just the start of Routines that Reward Homemakers academy helping so many women get a grasp on their day.

I can't wait for you to meet Dominique and hear how she dreamed big and followed after God.

Reflection Questions

  1. Set aside some time this week to Dream with God. Use that muscle of dreaming big with God and see what He shares with you.

  2. How can you shift your day-to-day to have a Grace-based life for yourself, work, and your family?

Connect with Dominique

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