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Dreams Matter with Jodi Otto #94

Have you ever felt like the rug has been pulled out from under you by God? Meet Jodi Otto who is the First Impression and Connections Director at National Community Church in DC who shares how God used an unlikely dream of hers for so much more. I know for myself it can seem selfish or unnecessary to come to God with the things rolling in my head. However, if He loves us as his own, why wouldn't he listen and celebrate all that you are.

There is a God of the universe who cares what we write down in the pages of our journal. - Jodi Otto

Jodi goes on to share that, "God is writing a good story for you and nothing is wasted in the end." Her parable story is one that encourages you to keep going and look for His faithfulness when it is hard to find it. I hope you remember this week that your parable showcases the answered and unanswered prayers.

Talking Points

  • Celebrate the markers along the way

  • Reminders of where God is working, when the days are hard

  • Jodi's important faith lessons

  • Surviving the loss of a good friend

  • Sitting in discontentment

  • A reminder to look at the faithfulness of God's character

  • Intentional actions to love others well goes a long way

Reflection Questions 1. How have you been dreaming lately? Put a pen to paper for a few days or start a note in your phone and just see where those dreams take you.

2. If you are in season of discontentment right, how can you anchor yourself to God and continue to hold on to him when it feels overwhelming? Tell him about it, he wants to hear from you.

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