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Embracing the Dark Place with Jess Ledwell | TPP #36

Jess Ledwell is the epitome of Southern Charm with humor and so much heart. Last weekend I was able to meet Jess in person and like most books are better than their movie version. Jess is even more delightful in real life. Her story is one of walking through a season lovingly referred to as the dark place. "It is based on a time where my husband and I had to start all over with their careers, our ministries, our relationship, and we did not handle that transition well, shared Jess. She candidly shares what helped her process through this desert season and how we can Find Morning Glory.

They experienced a major church hurt situation and spiraled into a very dark place. So, Jess wanted to learn some ways to help herself transition better so that she was ready for the next major change. The project FINDING MORNING GLORY was born and Jess would try out a new morning routine every month and report back to her followers, what worked and what didn't for her family, and through that Jess gained wisdom on how to handle change and transition well.

1. Embrace the dark before the dawn

2. Stop hitting snooze

3. Define your desert

4. Jump on the struggle bus

5. Rise and Shine

6. Set your alarm

Reflection Questions

1. How can you stop pressing "snooze" on your life and stop using those "just" statements?

2. How can you define your desert and pick a point you can direct yourself towards?

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