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Even When We Can't See It with Andrea Coli #107

Do you have a Green Thumb or are all the plants in your home plastic? Meet Andrea Coli who serves as the Executive Director of Lead Bold, and she is passionate about affirming and activating female ministry leaders. She has been in ministry for over 25 years and currently serves as the Teaching Pastor at CrossWinds Church in California's Bay Area. Andrea is part of the teaching team for Preacher Chicks United, an incubator for women of color to cultivate their gifts of preaching and teaching. She loves connecting with women leaders and shares how planting a hydrangea became a part of her own parable story.

"Something can be working even if we don't see it." - Andrea Coli

Conversation Topics

  • Andrea's time doing improv at Second City: Las Vegas

  • Comparison can Kill

  • Attending to your own soul

  • Sometimes good enough is good enough

  • being aware when we are depleted

  • why it is important to be surrounded by women who understand your challenges and can support you.

Reflection Questions

1. What are some comparisons that keep coming up for you in your job, relationships, finances, etc...? How might God be trying to prune out of your life?

2. How could God be using this dormant season for rebuilding, regrowth, restoration for you?

Connect with Andrea

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