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Faith and Miscarriage with Veronica Garcia | TPP#18

Thrilled to introduce Veronica Garcia to you all. Veronica is not only has an amazing voice that hits deep in your soul, she also is an incredible person whose story connects with your own.

I don't normally have any indication on what each guest is going to share. This allows me to be present and see where God wants to lead the conversation. Through Veronica's story we hear about the loss that so many people silently walk through in miscarriage. This discussion connected with my own story and I hope you can find the beauty of Jesus behind every tear and triumph.

* Veronica shares about past miscarriages and her experience, if that is triggering for you you are welcome to skip 6:55 - 15:39 minute mark of this episode.

Reflection Questions:

1. There are moments when we feel like life has been wasted on us. I encourage you to pray for direction, clarity and guidance on how God is using your parable for so much more?

2. Who is someone that is championing you in your life? Thank them for doing just that and what it has meant to you. If you don't have that kind of person in your life, ask God to bring someone to mind or place somebody in your life this week.

Connect with Veronica

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