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Finding God in Video Games with Bonnie Weckler | TPP #39

I was able to meet Bonnie within the last few years as she and her husband Michael started attending our local church. Both of us were put in a small group this last year and I was honored to hear bits of Bonnie's story and they definitely stayed with me.

Growing up in Georgia, Bonnie is a childhood survivor of domestic abuse and explains how God can restore the brokenness that has played a role in our story. God is now using Bonnie's life to make a difference in other's life.

Bonnie shares how she found Jesus while playing online video games. Through this connection, these dear friends continued to gently and lovingly showcase who Jesus was to Bonnie. Life change happened and Bonnie eventually moved in with them even though she never saw them in person before that. I hope you see the beauty of finding God and the healing He can bring, if we take the time to let him into our story.

Reflection Questions

  1. If you were going to be checked out from the Library, what would be your first glance label? What is your story that you would share with that person?

  2. What has redemption looked like in your life? When did Jesus become more than a name?

Connect with Bonnie

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