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Finding Purpose in the Pain with Soozie Barrow #132

Was Grief not supposed to be a part of your plan? Joining me today is author, Soozie Barrow. She shares her personal journey of unexpected life changes, including retirement and becoming a caregiver to love others. One of her passions currently is writing a book about her experience with grief. She offers encouragement and advice for those dealing with grief and emphasizes the importance of supporting others in their grief journey. Soozie's story highlights the power of finding purpose and passion in the midst of difficult circumstances. In this conversation, Soozie shares her experiences of ushering others to Jesus in their last days and the challenges of being a good friend during difficult times. She also discusses the importance of trusting God in difficult circumstances and the process of walking through death with a loved one. Soozie then explains her own understanding of the Holy Spirit and how she connects with Him daily.


  • Trusting God in difficult times can be challenging, but it is essential for finding peace and strength.

  • The Holy Spirit is a comforting and guiding presence in our lives, helping us discern God's will.

  • Practicing discernment and listening to the Holy Spirit can lead to a deeper relationship with God.

Reflection Questions

1. How can you lean into being more aware of the Holy Spirit this week?  Remember the Holy Spirit is a compass who guides you, not shames you.

2. This is a tough question, do you trust God if healing is not here but in heaven?  That may take a bit to process, but sometimes the answers are not what we want to hear.

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