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Freedom in Your Story with Karrie Garcia #81

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I really free and fully living?" It is easy to live the everyday trapped in a life that feels bound because that becomes your normal. However, my next guest, Karrie Garcia is not afraid to wade through deep waters and wants to bring those who are hurting along, so they too can experience the freedom that leads to flourishing. As a speaker, life coach, author, and CEO of Freedom Movement, Karrie Garcia inspires change in others by boldly sharing her journey to freedom.

Karrie shares her story of God restoring her and meeting her at one of her darkest moments of her life. She explains that Jesus is continually restoring us day in and day out so we can be free and fully live in Him.

Rarely does advice make people feel better...what makes them feel better is that you are willing to feel with them. - Karrie Garcia

Plus, what does it look like to walk along with someone who is wrestling with the hard parts of life? How can we as friends and family offer support and empathy? Are you willing to sit in the feelings and just be? Such a great conversation with Karrie to assess where you are in your own story.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How are you free and fully alive right now? Are you living in that space, and if not, why?

  2. Karrie talked about being honest with your own story. What is the layer that God is asking you to work through right now?

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