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From Foster to PhD with Dr. Danisha Keating | TTP#32

Ever since Dr. Keating and I spoke, her story has been a resident in my thoughts for some time. Maybe it is because I am a mom or I have a soft spot for women who shine in the darkness. Either way, Danisha's resilience and determination after surviving her childhood are nothing short of miraculous.

I guess that is why this podcast is important to me. Hearing stories and circumstances we have never lived through, but through listening, we all get to better understand Danisha. Learn about what was her journey like from a Foster child to a PhD. There were many difficult circumstances that have made her into an advocate for foster youth today and glad to better understand and have empathy for those that are involved in the foster care system.

Reflection Questions: 1. What are the places or people you need to put up some boundaries with and how would that look incorporated into your life?

2. Have you unknowingly been struggling with Imposter Syndrome? What past hurt or comments or conversations that you have had clinging to your heart? How can you give them over to God, so you can be freed up?


Connect with Dr. Danisha Keating

Danisha's Website

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