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God Holds Us Close with Ligia Andrade #147

Has there been a time when you felt God has held you close?  Joining me is Bible teacher, Founder and Director of Anew Ministries Ligia Andrade. She shares about how He will hold you close with intention and that we all have something to offer.

She talks about the challenges she faced and how she relied on God's guidance and strength. Ligia emphasizes that our stories and experiences can be used by God to bring glory to Him. Through her personal journey of growing up without her parents she was able to find her identity and purpose in God. She emphasizes the importance of volunteers in ministry and how their small acts of service can make a significant impact on others. Ligia also discusses the power of faith and the art of remembering God's promises in abiding in Him. She encourages women to embrace their stories and the lunch they carry, knowing that God can use even the smallest offering to satisfy the hunger of others. Ligia shares her hope for Latina women to see themselves as valued and wanted by God, and to find their identity in Christ alone. Remember Your parable showcases how God is so good at working with the lunch you already have. 

Show Quotes:

  • "I've always felt the need for women to have a place to come together to connect and through each other, be able to see Jesus."

  • "For us to be good in community, we have to first establish our community with the Father."

  • "This isn't about me. This is about Him and who he calls, he qualifies."

  • "You handing out snacks in Sunday school class, it makes a difference."

  • "I knew eventually He'd have to come through."

  • "Your lunch is exactly what God wants to use to satisfy another's hunger."

Reflection Questions

  1. How can you find wonder in your story today?

  2. Take some time to pray today - Lord give me eyes to truly see you, God help me learn and teach me.

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