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God I Want to Be Spiritually Mature with Karen Bott #53

The year before Eric and I got married, I lived with one of my best friends parents. Every Sunday after church they always had people over and a majority of the time it was piles of blueberry pancakes. The conversation was always thoughtful, full of laughter and robust. It was simple and precious. Those times built my understanding of community and what it looked like to see Jesus across the table each Sunday. I met Karen a few months back and she shared her heart for hospitality and bringing many people together. For her she loves to put the effort into a welcoming space where old and new friends can feel loved and encouraged just like those blueberry pancakes.

After experiencing some deep trauma Karen gave her life to Christ when she was 18. It was a time when she hoped to gain spiritual maturity quickly. But as we know the things we desire are not on the same timetable as God's. Over time Karen learned to listen to God and live in the present moment, experiencing the simple moments of life.

God is so much bigger than I created him to be. - Karen Bott

She encourages us to continue to trust and lean into the slow work of God and it is a journey including trust and waiting on His perfect timing.

Reflection Questions

  1. Who can you invite over to grab some time with company?

  2. How many times have asked to be a mature Christian? How has God used certain seasons of your life to build maturity in your faith?

Connect with Karen

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