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God's Faithfulness after Rock Bottom with Aubray Scott | TPP #26

Aubray Scott is so genuine, she kept me laughing and shared honestly about the hard parts she endured in her life. Even after finding rock bottom, she hoped the church would be a safe place. And it wasn't. But even still, God was with Aubray and His faithfulness has continued to be evident in so many facets of her life.

One thing I was so thankful for is her heart for people and community. Being someone who has been uninvited caused her to share her table and life with so many. "No matter what age, God still wants to use us!" says, Aubray. That is the kind of attitude and hope I pray for more in this world. God wants to use us even in the broken places of our heart and souls.

*Aubray references rape and sexual abuse in our conversation. If this is triggering for you please feel free to skip ahead during at marker 7:31 - 9:50.

Reflection Questions: 1. Kinsugi Pottery - How have you seen God fill in the broken spaces or cracks of your life with gold?

2. What can you do today to be obedient to him?

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Email | Instagram Aubray's Website - Table and Tide

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