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God Was At Work In Me with Rachel Hughes #148

What have you attached your own identity to? Joining me today is pastor of Gas Street Church and co-founder of the Orchard, Rachel Hughes. Rachel is the Senior Pastor of Gas Street Church in Birmingham, alongside her husband Tim. She is a passionate preacher and loves communicating the liberating power of God’s truth. Rachel has recently pioneered a national ministry (alongside her sister) called ‘The Orchard’ to encourage and empower women. She is also a keen advocate for fostering and adoption. Rachel has a background in television & media and worked for the BBC in London. Rachel & Tim have five wonderful children Phoebe, Simeon, Lois, Judah & Summer.

She shares with us about a season of dealing with holy discontent. Rachel shares a parable about the transition to motherhood and the struggle of finding identity in caring for children. She emphasizes the beauty of self-sacrifice and the importance of recognizing different seasons of life. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing that every season has a plan and a purpose, and that rushing through or trying to do it all at once is not how God works. Overall, the conversation highlights the lessons learned in hidden seasons and the importance of surrendering to God's timing and plan.


  • The transition to motherhood can be difficult, but it is a season of self-sacrifice and growth. Every season has a plan and a purpose, and rushing through or trying to do it all at once is not how God works.

  • In hidden seasons, God is at work in us, cultivating character and preparing us for future seasons.

  • Intentionality is key in creating a culture within the family and living out values.

  • Surrendering to God's timing and plan brings fulfillment and allows us to thrive in every season.


  • "God is using me to release other women into all that God has called them to do"

  • "I love inspiring people to ask the question if God's calling them to adopt or to foster"

  • "I'm learning how to rest as an activist"

  • "God was at work in me... God was cultivating this gold within me that I knew was gonna set me up for future seasons."

  • "Every season has a plan and a purpose."

  • "There is a plan for each season... Just sit in it, allow God to teach you in it."

Reflection Questions

1. What areas have you currently attached your identity too and how can God use that to allow surrender in your life?

2. What are your values, for yourself, family, and job?  Be sure to have clear boundaries around them.

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