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Here for a Reason with Olivia Munn- Shirsath | TPP #33

I happened to be scrolling through Instagram one day, as one does, and I stopped on a video of Olivia Munn-Shirsath preaching. Her delivery is passionate, encouraging and hopeful and I knew I needed to talk with her about her story. So grateful she was able to sit down and talk about women in the church. Olivia is one of the teaching pastors at Wellspring Church in Queens, New York and I appreciated she shared some of the same feelings I had about being a woman who preached the word of God. Initially I struggled internally with speaking to both men and women. I didn't have a biblical studies degree, I never wrote a book, and I am certainly not a man. Olivia shared an instance where God gave her certain gifts and came to realization that our lives matter for a greater purpose. One lovely statement I will take away from this conversation is her quote.

Holiness is the solution to every problem. - Olivia Shirsath

She may have written that as a confident 18 year old, but that holds true for all of us today. As we wrestle with our lives and problems that will continue to bubble up, our source in Christ and His Holiness is the solution to every problem. Ultimately giving us a simple check and balance to discover if we choosing to live in holiness or straying away.

Reflection Questions

  1. What would it look like if you chose to stop talking and start listening more? Practice that this week with your time with God.

  2. Meditate on Olivia's statement, "Holiness is the solution to every problem." and think about whatever situation keeps bubbling to the surface. Do you need to draw closer to God's holiness.

Connect with Olivia

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