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How Do I Follow Jesus with Leonard Davis #59

Have you known Jesus for a while, yet you still feel like you don't truly KNOW him? Meet Leonard Davis, Associate Pastor of Forest City Church in Elgin, IL. Leonard grew up in the church and deepened his relationship with God because of Young Life. But in a moment during Sunday Service Leonard discovered that there were significant gaps in his understanding of the Gospel of Jesus and what it looked like to live out his relationship with Him. How could Leonard be so invested in his church, and teaching and still not have a good grasp of the basic elements of faith in Jesus?

We never arrive. There is always more Jesus we are discovering. - Leonard Davis

Leonard shares what he learned over the last few years as he asked the tough questions and begin to understand the good news of the gospel truly. Grateful for this conversation and his insight in this honest conversation with Leonard Davis.

Reflection Questions

  1. Journal about a time when your relationship with Jesus moved out of head knowledge to heart transformation and what happened?

  2. There are some barriers to our own faith (anxiety, pace of life, control) in order to fully experience the gospel. What is that for you?

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