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How Do I Get it All Done with Claire Woodhouse #64

It was a treat to talk with Claire Woodhouse, author of Healthy Copycat Treats and owner of Secretly Healthy Home. Her passion is to create secretly healthy recipes that taste amazing and discover tangible ways we can live every day in the healthiest way possible.

Claire shares honestly about navigating her body, eating, comparing, and getting it all done. We live in a society that tells us our bodies are bad and so Claire shares about her heart to encourage others to stop the blame and inform themselves. I appreciate her heart to run after God when things are not going according to plan, and how we sometimes need to take a break and not get everything done that we are pushing ourselves to accomplish.

Plus, your ears perked up at the sound of copycat treats, I am sure you will love what Claire has to share in Healthy Copycat Treats. Here is a coupon code for you, "booksale."

Reflection Questions

  1. What are the ways you see stress creeping into your life today?

  2. What has been a priority for you lately? Is there something that needs to take the place of that or if it is not productive or good for your soul?

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