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Is it Okay to Surrender? with Maddie Trncic #98

Are you, not one to surrender easily? Many of us never want to wave our white flag because we don't want to ask for help. Meet CEO of Just One International and Kids Ministry Director Maddie Trncic and what surrender looked like in her life.

If I really want Him to take control, it might mean He is moving me in a different direction than planned. And that is really hard to accept, because I like to plan. I like to be in control. I have to ask myself, 'Am I okay God, if your going to do something different than I want today?' - Maddie Trncic

Conversation Points

  • Growing up with a Jewish and Christian parent

  • Living in Honduras

  • Surrendering to God is not easy

  • Physical Posture of prayer

  • Releasing Control

  • Just One International and finding purpose

  • Am I okay with God changing plans or dreams

  • Living our life with Jesus

What a joy to connect with Maddie and hear not only her heart for the people of Honduras but what God has taught her throughout the course of her life. Remember your parable showcases how He is always there when you surrender.

Reflection Questions 1.How is God calling you to surrender this week. Do you need to be more flexible, pray with open hands mentality or something else?

2. Journal about one person that has built into your faith (positive or Negative) and how God has used that for his Good.

Connect with Maddie Just One International | website

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