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It's Not in My Control with Brynn Boyd #67

Did you have that one person in school that will always be the coolest to you? Brynn was that girl for me. We met 27 years ago in middle school (see our picture below). She didn't know it, but I looked up to her, she was kind, funny and just a great person to be around. Thank you Brynn for being one of those girls who will always hold a fond place in my school-aged heart. Well, we are all grown up now with our own kids and have reconnected on today's episode to learn about what God has taught Brynn in her own parable story.

Jesus was in my heart, but the only takeaway was the stories. I knew the things, but we were never taught relationship. -Brynn Boyd

Brynn truly fell in love with Jesus in her thirties and shares how that came to be. God has been instrumental in her story as her family packed up everything they had and spent 18 months in an RV traveling the country. The parable may not be finished but God is continually teaching Brynn the value of prayer, letting go of control and what it looks like to let Him lead their family. Please enjoy this parable conversation with Brynn Boyd.

Brynn as "Annie" and Danielle as "Sandy the Dog"

Reflection Questions

  1. Take a breather and remind yourself, you have zero control in your life. Pray about your life what God has in store for you. To say, "God I am sorry that I am holding this control so tightly in my life."

  2. Prayer Matters. Is there someone that you can reach out to and ask them to pray for you?

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