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Jesus Has Always Been Trustworthy with Brooke Palmer #112

Are you one to prove you got it, you don’t need the help, you can accomplish that ? Meet my friend, pastor, future church planter Brooke Palmer discuss honestly what God is teaching her in this season of her life.

Throughout all of the ugly, Jesus has always been trustworthy. - Brooke Palmer

I relate to Brooke's story so much, because I too want to prove myself, take care of it on my own. Brooke shares with us that it is a constant repentance and coming back to our Father who is always willing and ready to guide us on our next steps. Please enjoy this conversation with Brooke Palmer.

Conversation Topics

  • Asbury Revival after a season on

  • Repentance Story of wanting to do everything on your own

  • Women leaders /pastors in the church

  • Church Planting

  • Alcoholic Parents

  • How do you trust?

Reflection Questions: 1. What is a way you can truly sense you are abiding in God. That will help you as a marker for the future. We are all going to get off track.

2. Love for you to read the Sermon on the Mount and hear what God is speaking to you Matthew 5-7.

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