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Letting Go of Pride with Emily Reilly #126

Are you one to deal with the big feelings of life or push them off? Joining me today is personal trainer and speaker Emily Reilly.  Emily opens up about her journey of living with a chronic illness and how it has shaped her faith. She discusses the challenges of dealing with pride and the constant need for humility. Emily emphasizes the power of sharing stories and encouraging others, as well as the importance of resting in God's faithfulness. The conversation highlights the ways in which God works in unexpected ways and the continual learning process in our own faith.


  • Take time for reflection and dreaming at the start of the new year to recap the past and anticipate the future.

  • Living with a chronic illness can be challenging, but it can also be an opportunity to come alongside others and encourage them.

  • Pride can hinder our relationship with God and others, so it's important to constantly check our motivations and seek humility.

  • God's faithfulness is evident in every aspect of life, and it's important to recognize His presence and grace.

  • Sharing our stories and vulnerabilities can bring healing to others and deepen our own faith.

Reflection Questions

  1. How may you be struggling with pride this week?  Do a spiritual health check to see if  there is some room for humility?

  2. Loved that prayer Emily heard in college, "Lord hide me behind your cross."  One that statement just makes me grateful because He didn’t have to. But also it is a simple prayer to have on hand as a breath prayer at any moment.

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