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Life on Mission with Hannah & Aaron Barnett | TTP #28

We welcome our first couple, Hannah and Aaron Barnett to The Parable Podcast to share their story. These two are incredibly dynamic and loved getting to hear about their journey in their faith.

These two newlyweds are continuing to reach the next generation of leaders and are nowhere near done yet. Both have very different church experiences but that only allowed them to see God in their story and continue to follow His passion for their lives.

I appreciated Aaron talking openly about some church hurt and the challenges of squelching out those with vision and bright ideas. And in turn, having an "Abundance mindset" and that everyone has a place at the table.

"The kingdom of God is so big, we all have a seat at the table." - Aaron Barnett

Hannah also shared the importance of the people that spoke into her life when she was growing up. That impact on her life only caused Hannah to have a desire to speak into the lives of the Next Generation. Together they want to continue to stay on the mission of Jesus and share with young leaders that God has called them to be just that.

I needed a husband who wants to spend time with me but also love and see it's beautiful when I am saying "Yes" to what God has called me to. - Hannah Gronowski Barnett

Please enjoy this fantastic conversation with Hannah and Aaron Barnett. I am praying all leaders to rise up and continue to focus on the Mission of Jesus.

Reflection Questions: 1. Is there a place God is trying to showcase a specific mission or purpose for your life?

2. In what ways can you lean into God this week and become Bolder in your faith?


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