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Loving Your God-Given Blend with Torrie Sorge #113

Do you love and accept your God given blend? Joining me today writer, speaker and creator of Mixed.ology Torrie Sorge. Torrie shares with us about embracing the life God wanted her to have over her own ideas. I loved this conversation and I think every one of us will find a moment of connection with Torrie's parable story.

As a Mixed Race woman, Torrie understands the beauty and complexity of our divine diversity

firsthand. It’s propelled her to become a truth-teller, bridge-builder, and cheerleader who

passionately encourages others to stop hiding and start loving their God-given blend. She loves

partnering with individuals, interracial families, youth & women’s ministry groups, and church

leadership, providing practical tools with Biblical truths as they become bridges of reconciliation

and hope within their circles of influence.

Jesus has already validated her and she doesn't need to please anyone else. - Torrie Sorge

What a beautiful encouragement Torrie shared about the words she had with her own daughter and is continuing to help others know they are fully validated in Christ. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Conversation Topics

  • Growing Up Mixed Race

  • Journey to love her God-given Blend

  • Understanding your identity

  • Healing from the past

  • Feeling you didn't fit in

Connect with Torrie

Mixed.ology - Torrie's newsletter & articles

Reflection Questions

1. Ask yourself am I providing the life I wanted for myself or God's?

2. Do you love your God given blend? Whether your race, physical body, ethnicity, family of origin, whatever can you embrace that as who you are?

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