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My Identity Restored with Amina Labane #117

Have you ever felt like your identity in who you are was being attacked? Meet Amina Labane who passionate about theological studies and clinical mental heath, share what about a time where she was s ready to fight for her own sense of self. Amina was born and raised in New York City and has always had a love for cities. She attended Liberty University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating on the integration of health sciences and religion. She then moved on to work on a Dual Master’s in Theological Studies and Clinical Mental Health Counseling while doing College Ministry in Liberty University’s Office of Spiritual Development as a Senior Resident Shepherd. By faith, Amina moved to a new city to be a part of National Community Church without realizing that God was calling her to serve and lead NCC Kids at the Capital Turnaround. Amina is passionate about discipleship, families, and the local church! She also has a love for morning walks, coffee, cooking, and reading! I loved listening to Amina and hope you enjoy this episode and are encouraged in your own identity in Christ.

It is easy to look at the mundane and write it off as if God isn't using it. But, I really grew an appreciation over time for the small faithful things every single day. - Amina Labane

Reflection Questions 1. Think about how you feel about your identity right now. Notice how you are talking to yourself, are you fully free or is there some space to draw closer to him in your identity?

2. Amina gave some great tools for us to incorporate for ourselves. I would encourage you to use one today whether it is the compartment box, post-it notes, praying over yourself in your mirror.You never know it is something you need until you try it.

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