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Navigating From Above with Jeff Andrechyn #130

Are you navigating life above a 30,000-foot view?  Joining me today is pilot Jeff Andrechyn who shares about navigating life by looking to another world. He encourages us to reflect on our own stories and desires and to trust in God's guidance as we journey through life. Jeff encourages listeners to reflect on their own stories and desires and to trust in God's guidance as they journey through life. Jeff also talks about living in a world at war and the need to hold onto joy amidst challenges. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of sharing stories and understanding our own parable stories.


  • Live with a sense of wonder and embrace the surprises and promises of life.

  • Uncover and embrace your desires to fully develop as a person.

  • Navigate life by looking to another world and trusting in God's guidance.

  • Reflect on your own story and desires, and seek opportunities to help others.

  • Find beauty in the world around you and worship God in the midst of it.

  • Challenges are present in every stage of life, and it is important to rely on God's guidance.

  • Living in a world at war requires us to hold onto joy and trust in God's sovereignty.

  • True love is not always immediate but can develop through shared experiences and growing together in faith.

  • Trials and struggles can strengthen relationships and deepen the understanding of true love.

  • Sharing stories is essential for personal growth and understanding the narratives of others.

Reflection Questions

1. How can you dream big and pursue your passions going forward?

2. How can you begin to take a small step to create environments where people feel they belong and can be brave?

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