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Never Meant to be Alone with Ali Curry #105

Has there been a time when you ask God, why is this happening? Meet Worship Director, Ali Curry as she shares about how she and her husband relied on others through a really difficult summer. She honestly shares about where she felt God was leading her family and left her questioning was this opportunity worth it. Was a long-distance marriage worth it? I appreciated how Ali shared about her questioning what other people thought of her situation.

A mentor of Ali's once shared, "Worship is a conversation with the Lord." When she was leading worship during this time, she was able to sing those words over her church, but discovering the conversation between her and God was much more challenging.

In the end, Ali discovered even in the hard seasons, we were never made to be alone. It is a conscious choice to be in a community with other people and that is where we see growth and God working in our life. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ali and remember Your parable showcases how through all the accidents of life, His community is there to lift you up.

Conversation Topics

  • Writing Worship Music for the Church

  • Running as a spiritual practice

  • Canvas House Worship

  • Navigating a Hard Summer

  • Saying I am sorry

  • Not worrying about others opinions

Reflection Questions

1. Are you asking God what is the point lately? Use time over coffee or on an evening walk this week to ask God to soften your heart and as Ali said it is okay to be blunt.

2. What is one way you can schedule community with those you care about in the next two weeks?

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